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Complete the questionnaire below to better understand your personality! This questionnaire has been developed by psychologists to provide a comprehensive description of personality.  It can be used to rate the personalities of children, adolescents, and adults of any age.

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Instructions: Part 1

Here are a number of characteristics that may or may not apply to you. For example, do you agree that you are someone who likes to spend time with others? Please select a response next to each statement to indicate whether you agree or disagree with that statement.

I am someone who . . .




1. Is outgoing, sociable.
2. Is compassionate, has a soft heart.
3. Tends to be disorganized.
4. Is relaxed, handles stress well.
5. Has few artistic interests.
6. Has an assertive personality.
7. Is respectful, treats others with respect.
8. Tends to be lazy.
9. Stays optimistic after experiencing a setback.
10. Is curious about many different things.
11. Rarely feels excited or eager.
12. Tends to find fault with others.
13. Is dependable, steady.
14. Is moody, has up and down mood swings.
15. Is inventive, finds clever ways to do things.
16. Tends to be quiet.
17. Feels little sympathy for others.
18. Is systematic, likes to keep things in order.
19. Can be tense.
20. Is fascinated by art, music, or literature.




21. Is dominant, acts as a leader.
22. Starts arguments with others.
23. Has difficulty getting started on tasks.
24. Feels secure, comfortable with self.
25. Avoids intellectual, philosophical discussions.
26. Is less active than other people.
27. Has a forgiving nature.
28. Can be somewhat careless.
29. Is emotionally stable, not easily upset.
30. Has little creativity.
31. Is sometimes shy, introverted.
32. Is helpful and unselfish with others.
33. Keeps things neat and tidy.
34. Worries a lot.
35. Values art and beauty.
36. Finds it hard to influence people.
37. Is sometimes rude to others.
38. Is efficient, gets things done.
39. Often feels sad.
40. Is complex, a deep thinker.




41. Is full of energy.
42. Is suspicious of others’ intentions.
43. Is reliable, can always be counted on.
44. Keeps their emotions under control.
45. Has difficulty imagining things.
46. Is talkative.
47. Can be cold and uncaring.
48. Leaves a mess, doesn’t clean up.
49. Rarely feels anxious or afraid.
50. Thinks poetry and plays are boring.
51. Prefers to have others take charge.
52. Is polite, courteous to others.
53. Is persistent, works until the task is finished.
54. Tends to feel depressed, blue.
55. Has little interest in abstract ideas.
56. Shows a lot of enthusiasm.
57. Assumes the best about people.
58. Sometimes behaves irresponsibly.
59. Is temperamental, gets emotional easily.
60. Is original, comes up with new ideas.




61. Is the life of the party.
62. Sympathizes with others’ feelings.
63. Gets chores done right away.
64. Has frequent mood swings.
65. Has a vivid imagination.
66. Doesn’t talk a lot.
67. Is not interested in other people’s problems.
68. Often forgets to put things back in their proper place.
69. Is relaxed most of the time.
70. Is not interested in abstract ideas.
71. Talks to a lot of different people at parties.
72. Feels others’ emotions.
73. Likes order.
74. Gets upset easily.
75. Has difficulty understanding abstract ideas.
76. Keeps in the background.
77. Is not really interested in others.
78. Makes a mess of things.
79. Seldom feels blue.
80. Does not have a good imagination.

Instructions: Part 2

Below are a number of statements about you and your life. Please select a response next to each statement to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with that statement.


a little

no opinion

a little



I am satisfied with my life.
Spirituality is an important part of who I am as a person.
I guess I just kind of enjoy life in general, and I don't see myself living by any particular viewpoint to life.
I am satisfied with my current job. (If you are not currently employed, leave this item blank.)
I have had a mystical experience.
My parents' views on life are good enough for me, I don't need anything else.
I am happy with my current romantic relationship. (If you are not currently involved in a relationship, leave this item blank.)
I am an unhappy person.
I'm looking for an acceptable perspective for my own lifestyle, but haven't really found it yet.
I have high self-esteem.
I believe in spirits or ghosts.
After a lot of self-examination I have established a very definite view on what my own lifestyle will be.
I feel emotionally attached to my current employer. (If you are not currently employed, leave this item blank.)
I believe that God or a Higher Power is responsible for my existence.

Instructions: Part 3

Below are a number of behaviors and life events. Please select a response next to each statement to indicate the frequency with which each behavior or event has occurred in your life during the specified time period.

In the past four weeks, indicate the number of days that you have . . .








Behavior or event

Enaged in vigorous exercise.
Been in contact with your mother, either face-to-face, by telephone, or electronically. (If your mother is deceased, leave this item blank.)
Attended a religious service.
Consumed five or more alcoholic drinks.
Attended a party.
Felt scared.
Sent a text message while driving.
Been in contact with your father, either face-to-face, by telephone, or electronically. (If your father is deceased, leave this item blank.)
Volunteered without compensation for an organization (such as a church, school, or service organization).
Used marijuana.
Argued with a romantic partner. (If you have not been in a romantic relationship this month, leave this item blank.)
Felt enthusiastic.
Smoked a cigarette.
Been in contact with your children, either face-to-face, by telephone, or electronically. (If you are not a parent, leave this item blank.)
Played a musical instrument.

In the past year, indicate the number of times that you have . . .








Behavior or event

Gone on a first date with a potential romantic partner. (If you have been in a romantic relationship this entire year, leave this item blank.)
Received a traffic ticket for speeding or another driving violation. (If you have not driven this year, leave this item blank.)
Been promoted to a higher job level at work. (If you have not been employed this year, leave this item blank.)
Taken part in a fist fight, or a fight involving weapons.
Physically pushed, grabbed, or shoved a romantic partner. (If you have not been in a romantic relationship this year, leave this item blank.)
Had sex with a person that you had just met. (If you have been in a romantic relationship this entire year, leave this item blank.)
Not had enough money to buy food.
Taken something not belonging to you worth $20 or more.

In your life, indicate whether you have ever . . .



Behavior or event

Been diagnosed with major depressive disorder.
Been divorced or legally separated from a spouse. (If you have never been married, leave this item blank.)
Been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (such as specific phobia, social phobia, or post-traumatic stress disorder).
Been diagnosed with coronary heart disease (such as a heart attack or angina).
Been diagnosed with a substance use disorder (such as alcohol, nicotine, or drug dependence).

Background Information

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