Our Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy. Any information about you collected from this site will be treated as confidential as described below.

This site collects the following types of data: a) web log files detailing which web pages are visited, and b) personality data recording visitor's responses to our questionnaires.

  • Web log files are used to analyze traffic patterns on this site and to improve the site for our visitors. They are not shared with anyone, nor is any attempt made to link the log data with individuals who browse the site.

  • Personality test data are collected for academic purposes by professors and research staff at colleges and universities. These data are analyzed and released as aggregate statistics. By submitting a survey, you acknowledge that your answers will be recorded. Your answers are anonymous, and you will never be identified individually, nor will your data be used for any purpose other than social science research. Your answers will not be connected with your name or identity in any published reports.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please email us.




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